Bamboo Plywood


Bamboo Plywood

Horizontal Carbonized

Horizontal Natural

Vertical Carbonized

Many sizes available - thickness range from 7/16" - 1.5".  Call for current pricing & availability.

Why Bamboo?

  • Environmentally Friendly - Bamboo is not a tree but a 60 foot tall member of the grass family.  Each bamboo plant regenerates itself in less than 6 years and is ready for harvest again and again
  • Distinctive Appearance - The eye catching node in the grain gives the flooring  a beautiful look exclusive to bamboo
  • Strong and Resilient - Bamboo is harder than red oak and northern maple and ranks higher in the Janka Hardness Rating Tests
  • Less Expensive - In general bamboo lis less expensive then many hardwoods
  • Superior Finishes - Bamboo absorbs more finish below the surface than oak and is not as easy to scratch as oak or maple.